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Obstacles and opportunities are often the same things. By repeatedly looking for the umbrella skills in our environment, we can change what our brains do when faced with obstacles


In order to best use the skills of wellbeing we need to approach them with curiosity and interest and gain insight into how they can work for others and ourselves.


 Role models have the power to shift a child’s self-perception. We give students the chance to learn the skills of wellbeing through the stories of their community, their peers, and their families.

Help us reshape the story your students share about their wellbeing. Contact drjen@umbrellaproject.co today to get started.

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Our Curriculum

Customize the skills that best fit your schools wellbeing needs. Lesson plans for each skill include:

• Explanation of skill, research-based relevance of skill in relation to well-being, video and print examples of the skill in action

• Opportunities for students to collect and share stories of the skills of wellbeing

• Ideas to action the umbrella skills in your classroom and optimize student engagement

• Curriculum skill options include empathy, kindness, growth mindset, autonomy, self-compassion, grit, gratitude, purpose, mindfulness, self-efficacy, resilience, cognitive flexibility, authenticity, intrinsic motivation, and the impact of lifestyle on mental wellbeing (diet, exercise, outdoor time)


About our Founder, Dr. Jen Forristal

Dr. Jen is a Naturopathic Doctor and school wellness specialist. Founder of the Umbrella Effect, she is creating a profound paradigm shift in the understanding of our personal well-being and that of our children. She has worked extensively with schools and organizations, delivering effective and integrated programming that target personal growth for all community members.

Our Partners

We are so grateful to be working with our many supportive partners!